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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.

Our Signature Membership Package has everything you need to get started as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant today. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. This all-inclusive package is perfectly suited for a new minister or practicing officiant to get all their credentials of ministry and official church documentation for registration and display. Includes all the must haves for any ordained minister or wedding officiant.

Membership Package includes:

NOTE: You will receive one standard letter and one additional letter that you chose from the list of options above. The Membership Package can only be shipped via Priority Mail due to weight restrictions.

I am very happy with the package I received. It will all go to good use soon. Thank you!
Open Ministry is truly a blessing. My order came on time and in perfect condition! Excellent and fast service.
I am very ecstatic to have received my order everything was wonderful.
Things were very nice. I will be marrying my daughter.
I and my Wife were very pleased with the Ordination Package! I went to the clerk of courts to file the letter of consent! And for about 10 years now they told me, they don't put them on file in Wisconsin any longer, As long as your ordained and have Ordination Credential all is good in Wisconsin, I plan to start holding serves on the 3rd Saturday of every month to start, and to help the disadvantaged, My goal is to bring a glimpse of light to the hearts and souls of the needy! IN OUR LORD SERVICE Pastor Werlein

PS: Do you know were I can get hymnal book or Fliers, and other up lifting fliers to hand out!
The package I ordered was everything that I expected. Very professional. I highly recommend it.

Your service was great. I applied to the state of Ohio for the authority to solemnize marriages and was conferred in six days.
To Open Ministy

Sorry it has taken me a while to respond. The materials you send are of excellent quality. I appreciate how quickley you responded to my order. Today I have mailed off the necessary materials that I received from you to become licensed with in the state of WV to marry people. The minister idea card is excellent quality and will come in very handy in the future. All of the materials are worth what I paid for them. As soon as the state approves my application I shall take advantage of other resources that you offer. I wouldn't hesitate to encourage anybody from becomeing part of your ministry and ordering materials from it. God bless you and have a great day. Sign: Rev Alexander Terry
Dear Open Minister,
I really love all my items, look very professionel.
Will you have other items,such as oils, and other things, for our,
God Bless
Rev.Tina Treacher
The materials are of good quality, however, I think the price is a bit steep. The directions tell you to register with your town and when I did that, I was told by the clerk that I did not have to register with her. She did not know where I needed to register. So here I am with $80 worth of materials that I can not use. Please help.

--------Open Ministry Response--------

Thank you for taking the time to review the ministerial supplies you ordered. We are sorry you were disappointed in the Membership Package, if there is anything we can do to make you happier with the services you received, please let us know. As marriage laws vary in each state and county to county, not all county clerks have the same registration requirements. We recommend all ministers have hard copies of their ordination credentials and letters of good standing. Your documents are proof of your status as an ordained minister in good standing with our ministry and are meant for registration and display purposes.

We encourage ministers to read over the marriage laws for their respective state; it is the minister’s responsibility to know the requirements set forth by the state and local government for registration before performing any religious rites or ceremonies. Most States require official documentation to register with the County Clerk or Agency that records marriages in the County you want to perform ceremonies.

Our organization is here to offer assistance to our congregation and is pleased to offer our ministerial services. We appreciate your comments and support of Open Ministry. We strive to offer 5 star service to all our ministers. Please contact us directly at with any questions, concerns or if you would like additional information.

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
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