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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.

Our Signature Membership Package has everything you need to get started as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant today. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. This all-inclusive package is perfectly suited for a new minister or practicing officiant to get all their credentials of ministry and official church documentation for registration and display. Includes all the must haves for any ordained minister or wedding officiant.

Membership Package includes:

NOTE: You will receive one standard letter and one additional letter that you chose from the list of options above. The Membership Package can only be shipped via Priority Mail due to weight restrictions.

The wedding I will be doing is in December and I'm greatly looking forward to being a part of such an amazing ceremony. I was very skeptical about this being legitament but I called my state(Illinois) clerk and they said it will be ok.
I'm hoping I will do a great job because it will be very meaningful for my family.
Thank you!!! Everthing that was sent to me is perfect!
Everything was delivered as promised and very quickly. The quality is outstanding. Thank you!
Very professional, Fast Shipping. Ease to use, good communiation about shipping and about order information.Thanks for the help.
I bought the Membership package. It arrived in just a few days. Everything was in order. Multi colored inks on quality paper, very attractive. No problems. The Ceremony handbook is easy to read and use.
I will do my first wedding in September. As I don't "scribe" real well Ill have a friend who does calligraphy write the names in the Wedding
Certificate and then just have the Witnesses and my self sign it.
I love this Ministry they are opening doors to let God's work be done . I look forward to
Lots of good work in the future God bless Open Ministry
Excellent Package I really Loved it! It is really nice in my Office & I have had several compliments on it! Thank You so Much!
They quality of the materials that was sent to me where outstanding. God Bless this ministry
I love the Kit it gave almost everything I needed from you in Nevada.
My wife wants to be ordained and also get the same kit I recieved. I have a question when I went to register at the county office the have a form that needs to be filed out by the church, do I send it to you or wil the letter be enough.
Thank again,
Your material I sent for was very informative and helpful. I will performing my first marriage ceremony this coming weekend, June 23, 2012. I believe the samples you supplied with the cerimonal package I purchased will be beneficial. God Speed and God Bless.

Rev. Robert H. Browning
12498 Highway 42
Camas Valley, OR 97416
Phone 541-216-1596
I was quite surprised to see the quality of the materials in this package. I felt quite prepared to serve persons with a number of scenarios. The materials are Faith Based for the most part, and I appreciate that. I have not had the occasion to use this, but feel prepared if I am called.
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