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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.
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Our Signature Membership Package has everything you need to get started as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant today. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. This all-inclusive package is perfectly suited for a new minister or practicing officiant to get all their credentials of ministry and official church documentation for registration and display. Includes all the must haves for any ordained minister or wedding officiant.

Membership Package includes:

NOTE: You will receive one standard letter and one additional letter that you chose from the list of options above. The Membership Package can only be shipped via Priority Mail due to weight restrictions.

I am satisfied with what I got with one complaint I only ordered one set and somehow or another I received two when I tried to contact you about it turns out I had to fill out some kind of thing where it makes it to where we can't contact you so as far as that part when I am not satisfied I would like to be able to send one setback but I'm scared of getting more charges from you but I didn't not charge

====Open Ministry Response====
Andrew, please contact our help and support desk http://www.open-ministry.org/support for help with your duplicated credentials.
the Membership Package
I purchased the Membership Package and I have to say I was impressed. I was very satisfied when I saw the quality, and quantity, of this package. I would highly recommend this package to anyone new to the ministry.
the Membership Package
Items came in orderly time and was pleased with all I ordered thanks for your help
the Membership Package
Thanks for your faithful service. May the Lord continue to guide you.
the Membership Package
The certificates, although they are pretty nice, come in an unstable paper folder. For the price, I expected to have a solid one.
Other than that, I was pleased.
the Membership Package
Listen up folks, you are a member of a great organization by being with Open Ministry. I know firsthand. This is my second Membership Package. I left a review for the first one I received and mentioned that it had gotten soaked in the mail because we were having tornados and torrential rain storms. Well, Open Ministry read it and contacted me about it. They were so wonderful and concerned about it that they sent me another package to replace my damaged one! I am so very grateful.
I am so proud to know the ministry organization I chose to join is one of the best out there! They are real and they go the extra mile for you. If you are thinking of joining, don't hesitate. You've come to the right place.
This Membership Package has everything you need to hit the ground running doing weddings and more! You have every thing you need to get started and the ceremony book is worth its weight in gold, plus the certificates are beautiful. This is the package to get. It's a bargain. Buy with confidence. Thank you OM!!
the Membership Package
The Membership Package came complete will all the necessary documents and information required to apply for ordination with my local county as promised. The certificates provided are professional and of high quality; also very attractive. These documents and materials will make it very easy to be prepared for use in the future.
the Membership Package
I thank GOD what you all have been chosen and called to do. I'm so grateful!
the Membership Package
There is good information in the kit and the examples are nice to have as well, it's just a little pricey.
the Membership Package
I was very pleased and I would rock command your ministry to anyone that I know thank you so very much in keeping contact just because
the Membership Package
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