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This package is great for ministers who are just getting started, you will get your official Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential with a certificate holder to protect your credentials. Display your credentials at home, office or other special place to proudly announce your status as an ordained minister. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. Our standard base package is ideal for newly ordained ministers who need their credentials of ministry for registration and display.

Ordination Package includes:

Wonderful for the beginner.
The on-line access is terrific.
review of the Ordination Package
I received my Ordination Package and was very pleased by the professionalism and quality of the contents. My friends were quite impressed.
review of the Ordination Package
The ordination package was impressive, it has beautiful workmanship and everything was a great quality. I appreciate the quickness of the delivery and the communication was superb.
review of the Ordination Package
Thank you for the ordination package, it was all that I expected it to be and very professional looking.
review of the Ordination Package
I was very pleased with the quality and beauty of the items in the ordination package. The certificate is proudly displayed on the wall of my den.
review of the Ordination Package
I was skeptical at first I have seen a lot of documents on other websites that raised doubts in my mind. When I received my ordination package from Open Ministry I was genuinely impressed with the quality and professionalism. I immediately made a digital copy for safe keeping then framed the original. Whether in my office or at a client’s location I can show them all the documents to prove I can handle their ceremony. One client even stated that I should use the ordination certificate has my screen saver due to its high quality. I would and have recommended Open Ministry to others who wish to fulfill the great commission and labor in love of the Lord.

Shawn P. Odle
Servant of the Most High God
review of the Ordination Package
I have been very happy with the Ordination Package! Registering my certificate with the State of Minnesota was also a very smooth and successful process. Thank you so much! Virginia Clark
review of the Ordination Package
I received the package in a very timely manner and was pleased with each item.
Thank you for you service,
Dave Marcum
review of the Ordination Package
I still do not have my materials. They were sent requiring signature and there was no one to sign.

---------Open Ministry Response ----------------

Your package was returned to us. All express packages require a signature. Your credentials were reshipped out and delivered successfully. Please let us know if you have any other questions
review of the Ordination Package
Thank for my ordination package. I am in the process of creating a web page in order to reach couples that are blessed to be creating unconditional love. I will continue to order products to make their ceremony special. Once again thank you for your service.

Be Blessed, Sherri Lynn
review of the Ordination Package
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