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In most states the standard letter will suffice for registration purposes.

Our Signature Membership Package has everything you need to get started as an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant today. Certificates include our gold embossed Ministry Seal. This all-inclusive package is perfectly suited for a new minister or practicing officiant to get all their credentials of ministry and official church documentation for registration and display. Includes all the must haves for any ordained minister or wedding officiant.

Membership Package includes:

NOTE: You will receive one standard letter and one additional letter that you chose from the list of options above. The Membership Package can only be shipped via Priority Mail due to weight restrictions.

As an elder person in the Christian Assembly of God on Wausau, I Thank you very much for Open Ministry about giving me the opportunity to became an a ordained wedding officiant. After receiving the ordination package, I was so proud of and it is open a big window for me to practice the legal wedding ceremony for many people in Wausau community in the near future.

Thank you
Blong Moua
I was very satisfied with my memership packaged. It arrived in a timely manner also. The price was decent for everything that was included in the package. Once again I was very satisifed and everything will come in very helpfull. Thank you for everything.
This was a great package for anyone just starting, it has everything you need. I recommend this package.
Appreciate all the products you offer, it is a big help. Thank you.
I was not impressed that I brought a membership package and the nyc consent form was not included. There should be a tab asking what state are city or you registering for so the appropriate forms for the whole process is included. I have looked up other online ministries that are way cheaper and include the nyc form.
I took the day off work and spent hours in my city clerks off to be turned around because I did not have all the forms.
I had to than return to your site for the consent form
And than take another day off from work to go and trt to register again. That was totally an inconvenience for me.

I was totally unhappy!

--------Open Ministry Response--------

Thank you for your review.

Marriage laws vary by state; and county to county. It is the minister’s responsibility to know the ministerial requirements set forth by the state and local government for registration before you perform any religious rites or ceremonies.

We encourage all newly ordained ministers to read over the marriage laws for their respective states. In our marriage laws section for New York, we inform every minister that the City of New York requires a specialized Letter of Consent.

If you plan to perform a ceremony in New York City, you will be required by the city to present specialized letters for registration in order to solemnize marriages. You can request the Letter of Consent NYC from our ministry bookstore, which includes both letters Appendix A & B. If you do not wish to register within NYC or perform any marriages within NYC then the standard Letter of Good Standing and Ordination Credential should be sufficient to register as a Wedding Officiant anywhere else in New York State.

Our organization is here to offer assistance to our congregation and is pleased to offer our ministerial services. We appreciate your comments and support of Open Ministry. We strive to offer 5 star service to all our ministers. Please contact us directly at with any questions, concerns or if you would like additional information.

Grace & Peace,
Open Ministry
I was quite impressed with the Membership Package and look forward to officiating at my first wedding at the end of March.

Thank you.
i am very please with the quality and service provided by open minestry
This is a great purchase for the price! It was delivered very quickly to my front door, Thank you very much for the wonderful package!!!
This is a great purchase for the price! It was delivered very quickly to my front door, and within hours I performed a wedding. I was properly prepared for the event and the couple thanked me numerous times. Thank you very much for the wonderful package!!!
Everything enclosed in the package is as advertised, and of great quality.
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